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We're sleeping sort of in shifts, because Owen tends to be awake at night more than in the daytime and is a little fussier then. Audrey feeds him every 2-3 hours (on demand) and sleeps the rest of the time, aside from a couple of hours around the middle of the night when she and/or Casey tend to him. I'm with him a lot of the other non-eating time at night, but eating takes a lot of time, so Audrey's got him a lot. We're working it out, at any rate. Daytimes we hang out, sleep, whatever, I took Owen out to Target and Jamba Juice today while Casey spaced out and Audrey slept.

He loves the car, and loves the sling, both just keep him copacetic or asleep.

Except at night, he's mostly copacetic when he's awake, and he chats to himself.

He hates being wet or poopy, but hates diaper changes worse. Those are the main times he is not copacetic, and of course, he's a bit of a tube worm so he is wet or poopy, even just a little, a lot. Good thing we're cloth diapering, we'd have used up his college fund on disposables by now. The very moment his dry diaper is on and closed, he goes quiet and looks around, unless he's also hungry.

He is a lamprey at the breast, and latches hard, and suckles hard, and if he gets too hungry, he's a squirmy lamprey who has a harder time latching. But mostly he goes nuts then falls into a milk coma, then wakes up in an hour, looks around happily for half an hour, then a few minutes later, does it all again.

So that's life these days.

I took this at about 1 this morning. See those wide-awake little eyes? Yeah, he likes the wee hours.

All the pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/42614915@N00/collections/72157626229516909/

Eventually, I will have time and energy for doing anything else, including analyzing this at all. Eventually, I will finish one of those posts that are sitting in half-finished notepad files on my desktop, right?

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