familyvalues: Owen at the park, December 20, 2011 - I made this from my own photo. (Owenninemonths)

Tonight nearly killed me.

I was rocking Owen, he was drifting off to sleep, staring at the stars, talking (incoherently, but) about them a little, and we heard a distant train.
"Did you hear the freight train?"
"Da!" *listening* then a minute later, the train sound again.
"Yes, there's the freight train again. It's across the lake."
Quiet for a minute, then a tentative "...ding?"
"I didn't hear the sound of the crossing gate dinging, did you?"
"'o." (Yes, that's how he says "no." "Oh.")
then "gay .... ding?" He said "gate"! more or less anyhow.
I replied, "Crossing gates go ding, right."
"Gay .... doe ding."
A sentence!
Then his eyes closed, he drifted off, relaxed, and was asleep. Then with his eyes closed, his mouth curved into a giant D of a smile, and he said, in his sleep, "gay ding."

His happy thought, it seems, is that crossing gates go ding. What a lovely world to live in.

VIDEO0126 a video by marymactavish on Flickr.

I wish flickr posted directly to dreamwidth. That'd make my life easier.

I haven't written much in an organized way about Owen since he turned one year, which is a pity. He's growing and developing so fast. He is an awesome kid. I need to write this stuff down.

I need a more recent icon, too.

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