Or at least, this is Audrey. You're in that there bump, the first week you've been visible from outside:

I'm busily nesting in that ebay sort of way, but should stop now, we totally (finally) have enough diapers.

In two weeks, we get to see another picture of you from inside. You're BIG! You're the size and weight of a massive pomegranate. I remember when you were a lentil!


Your driver's license is just around the corner :D

hi baby

Aug. 19th, 2010 08:23 pm
You are now a public baby, very, very public baby.

That sound is your dad getting all dorky about seeing your heartbeat. He's seriously smitten.

You would not believe how welcoming your world is. The GP who will be your pediatrician responded, when I told her about the ultrasound, that she was so happy for us that she was brought to tears. Our friends are just over the moon. You might be the luckiest baby of 2011, to be born into such love and goodwill.

hi baby!

Jul. 26th, 2010 01:24 pm
You'll be 8 weeks old by the traditional pregnancy calendar (6, in terms of actual development) in 5 days. You are this big:

I got you the cutest little doggie outfit, and we've told a few people. It's not a lot, but I'm on the verge of forgetting who's who, who knows and who doesn't, so it's time to either make a list, or stop sharing.

Audrey has gone to feeling like she has to vomit all day, to vomiting all day. Though this is your fault, it's not your responsibility, and you shouldn't worry about it.

(1:24:44 PM) Andy: So your baby is the size of several lima beans and a penny?
(1:24:50 PM) Andy: :)
(1:25:35 PM) me: :D
(1:25:39 PM) me: just a bean :D
(1:26:31 PM) me: and it's just barely getting fingers (toes will happen around the second week of august) and it will be starting to move around a little any day now, not feelable for a few weeks yet. I will only bore you with this for another 7 months. Then I will bore you with poop talk.
(1:28:17 PM) Andy: And don't forget when you excitedly tell me baby's first words "awwuuwuaguuh". Clearly an intentional reference to the 3rd century African king who helped build a pre-European trade empire reaching from modern South Africa to central Congo.
(1:28:34 PM) me: yes - smart baby :D
He's having conversations like these with Andy now, who just found out.

[17:10] Casey: Force multipliers for childhood destruction.
[17:11] shanex_exxel: Sharpie: +3 to attack, +d6 to damage
[17:11] shanex_exxel: *This damage can not be healed by nonmagical means
[17:11] Casey: Wielder gains Haste.
[17:11] Casey: And the Whirlwind Attack feat.

We are doomed.

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