(11:39:25 AM) caseyzero: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gsfc/4862916839/
(11:40:06 AM) geographilic: our baby looked like that a handful of weeks ago ;)
(11:40:11 AM) geographilic: oh wait, that's *stars!* :D
(11:37:13 AM) me: my niece's kid is a bit over 2, she was about to get rid of the baby stuff she's saved
(11:37:18 AM) me: she's now saving it all for us
(11:37:54 AM) Martin: :D
(11:38:14 AM) Martin: you'll have no problem assembling a village to raise your kid :)
(11:39:17 AM) me: :D
(11:39:48 AM) me: I'm going to get some plastic boxes and start collecting stuff in an organized way as I get it - pacifiers/bottles, diapers and accessories, clothing, etc.
(11:39:59 AM) me: then eventually, wash the clothing and divide it into sizes
(11:40:02 AM) me: I have 6 months ;)
(11:40:12 AM) Martin: (:
(11:40:25 AM) Martin: plastic boxes are wonderful things :)
(11:40:52 AM) me: I'm cleaning my room and closet later today so that the storage on top of my closet that now has boxes I haven't unpacked since we moved in can become baby stuff in boxes.
(11:41:42 AM) me: going to put a basic ikea organizing thing -- translucent front drawers -- under my desk, which will become the changing/dressing area for the baby, though we won't have a specific changing table, going to use pads that we can use anywhere.
(11:42:25 AM) me: little bassinet on the other side of the bed - should hold us until june, when I'll need an actual crib, then casey and I might swap bedrooms, move computer stuff to the living room, I can share the big bedroom with the kid.
(11:43:04 AM) me: and that'll be around when audrey (probably) moves out - if she decides to stay longer, we'll work things out, e.g. use the living room for more. Wow, lots to do.
(11:43:11 AM) me: better start errands ;)

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