Jul. 29th, 2011

I have been so busy enjoying being Owen's mom and being in this family that I haven't done any sort of updating or blogging about him lately, so let's see:

The Boy of Joy, as I call him when speaking about him in the third person, as often as not, just passed the four month mark. He is huge, only 50th percentile in weight but nearly 95th in height. He could happily eat 24/7, and has tasted (though not gotten substantial calories from) bananas, blueberries, kik alicha, pesto, avocado, and rice cereal. He thought the avocado was rather uninteresting and not-food, but the rest was all omg-get-in-my-belly. His favorite food and primary food source is still breast milk and will be for awhile.

He can roll over now and then, sometimes from back to front, quite easily from front to back. He really enjoys lying around on his chest, holding his head high, looking around at the world. When he tires he'll flip over and enjoy life that way. He continues to be very easy to please, and he is interested in so many things that we don't spend a lot of time looking for ways to entertain him.

As a family, we've outgrown our home, so we're moving into a new rental a couple of towns away, giving up (sadly, for me) our chickens, and our little farmlet. But we have no time to care for the property anymore, and I can't work a big garden and care for an infant, so this is what will work best for us. The new house is very close to just perfect for us, and near a huge park with a lake and wonderful playgrounds.

And as a family, we are still very much a family, blending quite nicely, and all of us are still immensely happy. Owen might be the happiest, though. He is very much the Boy of Joy.

I'm sort of stuck on what to blog about here, and who the audience is. Is there anything in particular you want to know or hear about?

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