Mar. 13th, 2011

familyvalues: picture of cake from our wedding shower - three parent fish, one baby fish (fish)
A Pinch of Patience by jbelluch
A Pinch of Patience a photo by jbelluch on Flickr.

This preparing for baby thing has gotten me so much better at just plugging through work than I used to be. I'm tired now from the dog park and working in my room today, sorting/tidying, but I'm just plugging on through. Still stuff to do but none of it crucial *before* he comes, just making things a little easier/better. I'm somewhat naturally a slob, but having Audrey's mom come help us get things mostly clean and organized is making it easier for me to keep it that way, and helps me see how much easier life is when I am so.

I still need to work out a get-things-done/get-enough-rest balance, but I'm definitely already better at staying on task.

In the tidying I found my camera cable, so now it's charging so I can take baby pics in the hospital (oh yeah, kidlet seems to have inherited his father's tendency to tardiness, and is not here yet, today's his due date -- but he's a firstie, so statistically he isn't late at all).

We are all coping, just sort of ... waiting. Audrey's baking a lot, Casey finished repairing the drywall in the bathroom and has been wallowing in video games. I've finished some little tasks like setting up the diaper changing zone, and making sure the dogs have plenty of exercise and love.

I just realized I should probably make sure I have a couple of days worth of *my* stuff -- my meds, clean underpants, charging cables, whatever -- in a daypack, at least in the car, so I don't have to come rushing back home for stuff in the middle of this process. The hospital our obstetrician works at is 15 miles away. So that's on the to-do list. But otherwise, we're set -- diaper changing stuff set up, Audrey's bag packed. The car seat is in the car. We need to bring the swing in from the garage and put it in the living room but if we don't get that done until we're home with the baby, we'll survive.

I'm not going to announce the moment she's in labor, except to the folks, mostly family, who already know I'll be calling/texting them. I will post the birth announcement here, in facebook and flickr (will probably just link that here), and on twitter, and at that point -- whenever that ends up being -- feel free to spread the word (preferably by linking to the post here on dreamwidth, but whatever). It won't be a secret.

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