Feb. 13th, 2011

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Yesterday we had a baby shower, or a pair of them, because with sisters, nephews, nieces, grandniblings, mothers, and some of our large chosen family, to fit into one space we needed not one but two overlapping showers. Our very dear friends (chosen family) Lisa, Kimberly, and Sue kindly hosted, and kept things very low key, and still, we were exhausted at the end of the day.

Indeed, Casey and Audrey vanished to Kimberly's guest room for awhile, for quiet time and a nap. I just spaced out at random, and kind passers-by wiped drool off my face. I'm sure this will be a common kindness (and the drool won't always be mine) for the next few years.

My favorite line from the whole day was hearing Audrey's mom say to Casey's mom, as folks were saying goodbye, "We are going to have such fun with this kid." They just met each other for the first time yesterday, and the getting-to-know-each-other was delightful for me to watch. As one might guess, the next generation up in our family has had some getting used to things to manage for themselves, and I feel so fully supported now. Audrey's uncle even mailed from out of state a little folding step-stool that he built himself, which I hope will become an heirloom, and Audrey's mom gave the baby Audrey's handmade infant clothing and blanket, and favorite books.

My niece Rachael made a cake -- her cakes are really lovely -- and because her daughter Sierra, who's 11, draws cute little animals so well, she asked Sierra to design it. So Sierra drew three cute little parent fishies looking down at a cuter little baby fishie, and it is omg-squee cute. Or rather, was, because it was also very tasty.

We were truly surrounded by love, and as overwhelming as it was for me, it was also a very warm and glowy time. I continue to have no doubt that this will be the luckiest baby ever.

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