Nov. 22nd, 2011 11:58 am
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IMG_9325.jpg by ljellis
IMG_9325.jpg, a photo by ljellis on Flickr.

Ages ago, someone asked me (here? elsewhere?) what we were doing about Mother-naming, and now that Owen's been asleep for 45 minutes, I probably have a handful of minutes left to discuss it.

We haven't decided.

Or rather, we aren't worrying about it. We tend to refer to each other as either Mama or Mommy, and Casey refers to each of us similarly. It's sort of like how kids might have two grandparents they call "Grandma." If they ever need to get specific, they can narrow it down with another name, but "Grandma" is a good enough label. When I was young, we had a lot of loved ones, oddly enough, named "Barbara" -- my sister, my godmother, the woman across the street who babysat me. We added a last name to the ones who weren't my sister, when necessary.

Owen will know the difference, we're just not worried. This one will be fine.

Over the past two days, I used my phone to record a couple of really cute videos to show his gorgeous, deep chortle when he's feeling giggly and silly, and just discovered that I've been recording without sound. I'm not sure why, I'll have to explore, but POO. It's such a lovely laugh, I wanted to show you. I recently misplaced/lost my purse, which had my camera in it, great sadness. I go through about one camera a year, because they either break or in this case, I lose them. I feel like an irresponsible child about it, and I resist getting myself a new one, but I probably will try before Christmas anyhow, because Christmas and all, and Owen being 9 months then, and shiny lights and adorable happy baby and all that.

(Lisa Ellis took this photo last May. Wow, has he grown.)

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